Acknowledgement of paternity

We kindly inform our clients that booking an appointment is necessary for our Consular Office. Appointments can be booked at the link below, or through the “Booking an appointment for consular matters” button at the Home page of our website.

Please also note that all fees are payable:

-in case of in-person application by debit/credit card only

- in case of mailed-in application by a money order payable to the "Consulate General of Hungary" or "Embassy of Hungary".

We do not accept either cash or cheque.

If the parents of a child were not married at the time of the birth, the father has to acknowledge his paternity.  The application for registrering the birth of the child has to be submitted simultaneously.  Please read the information under our „Registration of birth” and fill out the necessary forms.

Acknowledgement of paternity can be given for an unborn child as well.  In this case, registration of the child’s birth obviously is not submitted yet.

This application is to be done in person only.  An appointment is necessary for this case.  Appointments can be booked on the first page of our website, through the „Booking an appointment for consular matters” link.

Criteria for acknowledgement of paternity:

  • both parents have to be present
  • identification card which also proves the citizenship of (i.e. passport) both parents
  • 4 copies of the form, filled out. Note: please fill out the form, but do not sign at home.  The form is to be signed in person at the consulate!
  • the child’s original long form birth certificate
  • the fee for the application.  You may find the amount for the fee under „Consular fees”
  • if the mother of the child is divorced, then you have to provide the Hungarian marriage certificate which shows the divorce, or a Hungarian divorce certificate showing the date the divorce took effect
  • if the acknowledgement of paternity is for an unborn child, then please bring the obstetrician’s note of the expected date of birth

Dear Clients,

we would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in view of the recent legislative change, the Canadian birth / marriage certificates has to be translated to Hungarian in the future.  The translation has to be a certified translation. A certified translation of divorce is also required.

Based on the applicable legislation, the following persons/company translations are accepted as certified translations.

S. Martin Gaudi:

Gábor Klausz:      

Zita Szilagyi:         

You can request a certified Hungarian translation from the National Office for Translation and Certification of Translations. (OFFI)

There is a possibility on the website of the OFFI to request an online offer. The link for the online offer is the following link:    Be advised that an e-translation can not be accepted.

We would like to point out that the lack of translation entails rectification of deficiencies and, ultimately, termination of the procedure.

If the father or the mother of the child is under 18 years of age, then both parents of the underage parent has to be present as well. The father has to be older than the child by at least 16 years.

When is acknowledging the paternity not possible?

- If the mother was married during her pregnancy

- If the mother divorced, and less than 300 days passed between the day of birth and the day on which the divorce took effect


Acknowledgement of paternity for a child already born

Acknowledgement of paternity for a child not yet born