When can I request a temporary passport?


The Consulate can issue a temporary personal passport at the request of a Hungarian citizen valid for up to six months for the purpose of returning home, if:


During the course of your travel abroad your passport was damaged, expired, lost, or stolen;


AND if a personal passport cannot be issued before your return home (it generally takes up to two months;


AND if the request can be substantiated (by showing a copy of your airline ticket reservation and a document  justifying the urgency of your travel).


A request for a temporary personal passport can only be made in person, but no reservation is required for the request to be made.

We kindly inform you that distance or cost of travel do not, of themselves, constitute undue hardship.


What do you need to bring with you to apply?

Please any form of photo ID and your Hungarian birth certificate. If  available your passport or any other Hungarian ID has been stolen, you will be required to complete an official report, and we will provide the forms for you at the Consulate General.


Please present the Canadian police report about this missing passport. If your passport has been lost or stolen, report the loss at a Canadian police station before contacting the Consulate General. You will need to present this police report to us when you come to the consulate. In our experience, the Toronto Police does not give out the report to the claimant, thus it is sufficient if you bring a document with the police stamp that contains the electronic number of your case.


  1. The fee of issuing a new passport, which may be found in the “Consular fees” section.


Temporary Passport application for those under the age of 18


In addition to the documents listed above, the following is required:


1. The Hungarian birth certificate of the child;


2. A valid form of personal ID from both parents (a passport or personal ID);


3. The presence of both parents according to the information outlined below.


In the case of an applicant under the age of 18, we would like to emphasize that both parents must be present at the consulate for the application for a temporary personal passport of an individual under the age of 18, or the parent submitting the application must be able show a declaration of consent from the absent parent. A parental declaration of consent may be made at the consular section, at a public notary, at a Hungarian guardianship authority, or at a passport authority (document office).


Furthermore, it is sufficient if the parent submitting the request possesses either a written declaration of consent from the parent not in attendance that has been certified by an honorary consul or a public notary known to the Consulate General, or a declaration of consent signed by the parent not in attendance inpart of two witnesses. The parental declaration may be downloaded here, or in the “Documents to download” option in the Consular Services menu.


Please be informed that the signature and stamp of the public notary must also pass a diplomatic authentication review, for which a separate consular fee applies (the amount of this authentication fee may be found in the chart containing our fees). We are unable to waive the diplomatic authentication review and the associated fee. The authentication of the signature will not be accepted without the official stamp of the public notary.


The temporary personal passport may not be used for further travel abroad after having returned to Hungary, for this, a passport or other accepted form of ID is required. The temporary passport must be returned to the district notary (Official Document Office Services) within five business days following your arrival back to Hungary.