Verification of Hungarian Citizenship


We kindly inform our clients that an appointment is necessary for our Consular Services. Appointments can be booked through the link below, or by clicking the “Booking an appointment for consular matters” button at the Home page of our website.

Please be informed that the citizenship procedures are free of charge (with the exception of the request for a certificate of citizenship).



In order to determine whether this is the appropriate procedure for you, please read the information found in the “Citizenship” menu item.




The application may only be made in person, during a previously booked appointment.

In addition to the documents listed below, please bring with you the previously filled form called “Application for verification of citizenship,” which may be found by accessing the “Consular affairs” and “Documents for download” menu items, or find them at the bottom of this page.

As the first step of the application form, you must underline whether or not you are requesting a certificate of citizenship. Please be informed that the examination of citizenship is free of charge; however there is a fee required to obtain a certificate of citizenship, which may be found in the “Consular fees” menu item.

Please be informed that there is usually no need to request a certificate of citizenship, because as a result of the procedure your personal information will be added to the "Registry of personal data and addresses", through which the Hungarian authorities may have access (i.e. during a passport application) to find proof of Hungarian citizenship.


Which documents should you bring with you?

Please bring originals - if possible - of the docs listed below.


  1. If you or your parent(s) have ever possessed a Hungarian passport or personal ID, or if you or at least one of your parents were born in Hungary’s current territory, or if you or your parent(s) have ever possessed a Hungarian certificate of citizenship:


  • A photocopy of your Hungarian birth certificate
  • A photocopy of your own, or your parent’s passport and personal ID, if possible
  • Photocopies of Hungarian documents proving family status. These may include: certificates of marriage, divorce(s), and registry of death of spouse
  • Marriage certificate of parents

If the family status mentioned above took place abroad, that is, outside of Hungary (i.e. marriage or divorce took place in Canada) then an application for Hungarian registration must also be submitted, which we ask that you bring with yourself previously printed and filled out. The form may be found at the bottom of this page, or in the “Consular Services” ,“Documents for download” menu item. You may find more information about the Hungarian registry procedure at the “Registration of Birth, marriage, death, divorce” section of the menu.

Authentication and translation of Canadian registry document is not necessary. If you do NOT have Canadian documents (i.e. marriage took place in Europe or Cuba) then we ask that you confirm with the consulate regarding the admissibility of your document, and whether or not authentication and translation are required.

Dear Clients,we would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in view of the recent legislative change, the Canadian birth / marriage certificates has to be translated to Hungarian in the future.  The translation has to be a certified translation. A certified translation of divorce is also required.Based on the relevant legislation, translations made by the following persons/companies, in addition to consular translations, can be accepted as authentic translations.

      S. Martin Gaudi:

      Gábor Klausz:      

      Zita Szilagyi:         

You can request a certified Hungarian translation from the National Office for Translation and Certification of Translations. (OFFI)There is a possibility on the website of the OFFI to request an online offer. The link for the online offer is the following link:    Be advised that an e-translation can not be accepted.

We would like to point out that the lack of translation entails rectification of deficiencies and, ultimately, termination of the procedure.

  1. If you have never had a Hungarian passport or personal ID:
  • Your own birth certificate
  • Your marriage certificate
  • In case of divorce: the divorce judgement(s) with valid translation. In the case of multiple marriages and divorces please include the last divorce judgement prior to the latest marriage
  • The marriage certificate of your parents
  • The birth certificates of your parents
  •  If your parents never possessed Hungarian papers, bring their parents’ (that is, your grandparents’) birth and marriage certificates
  • The date and address of your parents’/grandparents’ residence in Hungary



How can I obtain these documents?


If your parents or grandparents were born in Hungary, or their marriage were took place in Hungary, the authority completing the procedure (Govemment Office of the Capital City Budapest ) will find their documents from the offices, therefore there is no need to attach those to the application. In this case it is important to give exact details in the application form, without which the Govemment Office of the Capital City Budapest will be unable to find the documents necessary for your application.


Can I ask for the verification of Hungarian citizenship based on my mother or my father?


If you were born before 1 October 1957:


According to law, you may inherit Hungarian citizenship from your father, but not your mother. In the case that your parents were not married, citizenship may be inherited from your mother.


If you were born after 1 October 1957:


Hungarian citizenship may be inherited from any of your parents.


Please be advised that during the course of the procedure, the authorities will examine whether or not you or your ancestor (parent, grandparent) have lost your Hungarian citizenship.


In what cases might have my ancestors lost their Hungarian citizenship?


The significance of the date they left Hungary:


Those who left the country prior to 1 September 1929 may have lost their Hungarian citizenship. Hungarian citizenship have lost after ten years of living abroad. The period of ten years begins at the date of expiration of the Hungarian passport.


A ten-year absence abroad can be disproved for example by the Canadian shipping and vessel registry, from which the date of your ancestor’s arrival to Canada may be determined.


Necessary forms:

Application form for a verification of citizenship

You can find an English language-aid version as well. Please be informed, that you should fill out the hungarian version, this document can only use as an aid.

Application for registration of marriage