General information


Please be informed that Hungarian citizens are required to register life events that took place abroad (birth, marriage, death) in Hungary. Without these, there is no possibility of verifying Hungarian citizenship or of the issuing of a Hungarian passport.


For further information regarding the registration process, please read the information found in the “Registration of birth, marriage, divorce & death” section of the menu.


What are the proofs of hungarian citizenship?


1. Valid Hungarian personal ID


2. Valid Hungarian passport, or a Hungarian passport up to 1 year after its expiration proove the hungarian citizenship.


3. Citizenship Certificate not older than 3 years


4. Certificate of naturalization (the certificate of naturalization proves Hungarian citizenship indefinitely)


5. Being listed in the registry of personal data and addresses.


You may know if you are in this registry system if you possess a so-called Personal ID and a document proving your place of residence (also known as an "Address Card", a laminated card with a red-white-green background) or if you have a Personal ID number.

Please note: Hungarian birth certificate itself does not prove Hungarian citizenship!


If you do not possess any one of the documents listed above, we recommend, You are advised to choose from the options listed below in order to clarify your status or obtain Hungarian citizenship. 


  1. You may submit a request for verification of Hungarian citizenship. You may find detailed information about this on the “Verification of Hungarian citizenship” page.

Brief information:

If you immigrated to Canada as a Hungarian citizen, it is highly likely that your Hungarian citizenship remains. For clarification of your status, you may submit a request for “Verification of Hungarian citizenship.”

If your parents or grandparents immigrated to Canada and you were born in Canada, commencing an application for the “Verification of Hungarian citizenship” may also be a solution. According to current Hungarian citizenship legislation, if your parent or grandparent was a Hungarian citizen at the time of your birth, then it is highly likely, that you are a Hungarian citizen too. According to this process, you may be a Hungarian citizen even if you do not speak Hungarian.


  1. You may submit a request for Simplified Naturalization. You may find more detailed information about this on the “Simplified Naturalization” page.


Brief information:

If you speak Hungarian and have lost your citizenship or if your parents or grandparents have lost their citizenship, you may request Hungarian citizenship through the Simplified Naturalization Procedure.

If you or your parents are from the current territory of Hungary, you can most likely receive Hungarian citizenship through the procedure described in the first point.


Furthermore, possibility exists if you speak Hungarian and your spouse is a Hungarian citizen and you have been married for at least 10 years; or if you have been married for at least five years and have had a common child born.


  1. In certain cases you have the chance to receive Hungarian citizenship through making a Declaration. You may read more about this option in the “Obtaining citizenship through declaration” section of the menu.


Please be informed that our informative is not exhaustive. If you need further information, we suggest that you contact us by email at: in order for us to recommend the proper procedure for your specific case.

The citizenship procedures are free of charge (with the exception of the request for a certificate of citizenship).