Dear Visitor,


Welcome to the website of the Consulate General of Hungary in Toronto! 

Our goal is to bring the two countries even closer together by maintaining a close relationship with the Hungarian community here in Canada. The key duties of the Consulate are parallel with this endeavor; provide a wide range of consular services, link the Canadian Hungarians to the homeland as well as strengthen the bilateral economic, trade, cultural and tourism partnership with Canada.

The consular territory of the Consulate General in Toronto consists of four provinces and two territories: Ontario (except for the administrative territory of the Federal Capital City of Ottawa), Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Yukon and the Northwest Territories

The greater Toronto area gives home to one of the largest Hungarian communities in Canada, and altogether the consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General gives home to the vast majority of the Hungarians leaving in Canada, therefore fortunately several Hungarian organizations, Hungarian Houses, Hungarian schools and churches are operating here.

Knowing these assets, one of our priorities is to strengthen our national unity in close cooperation with all the Hungarian communities in our consular territory.

On behalf of all my colleagues, I can promise that we will do our utmost to efficiently and professionally serve all of our Hungarian fellows, as well as Canadian citizens in need of our services. I’m convinced that our job is not simply a work, but a mission.


Máté Árpád Igaz                                                                                    

Acting Head of Consular Post